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Vex Capture Rules:


1.   In order to add even more undercurrent to the event, and particularly to make sure the guards are paying attention and the Britons have fun, we have made four red wool standards that are roughly 14 inches by 48 inches.  They are this size so no other standard can be mistaken for them.  Each has SPQR in big white letters and an image at the bottom, as well as a colored stripe (Silver, Yellow, Blue, Green) to differentiate them.  They will be in the fortress.  The Germans have 4 Banners, off white and indicating crops, and land items that will be held in the German Camp or Vicus. Throughout the day friday and Saturday, each side will attempt to beg, borrow, bribe, or steal the standards.  We will display these standards at the Friday safety brief.


2.   Vex flags must be unrolled and displayed when in the camps, and cannot be hidden.  They may be displayed in a tent or structure, but must be openly visible to anyone who looks in.  They MAY NOT BE Placed on any Pole with a metal tip whether it is sharp or not for safety reasons.


  1. The Purpose of begging, bribing or stealing a Standard is to show it off.  Once you have it, it must be taken to your camp and displayed by the most reasonable (reasonable, not direct, but reasonable) route possible.  You cannot put the four of them in your pants and hide in Carl's house or march in circles for hours.


  2. On Friday, absolutely no combat can be involved in Vex Capture.  You must use wits, skill, money, or blind luck.  If a Roman patrol outnumbers the Britons, they may take it outright and vice versa and spread the hate.  No bloodshed (real or NF) is allowed Friday.  Simple “majority” of ARMED personnel wins.


  3. If you have the bullocks to grab it out of the principia and run out the gate, any two Romans that confront you "out-number" you and get to take it back.  We do not want tackling and fighting over them.  Any guards that allow this may as well as fall on their own NF sword....


  4. There is no physical fighting over the vexies.


  5. No other items may be "stolen" from camps.  So limit your foraging to the special Vexis


  6. If you are killed via NF on Saturday while holding the vex, you must drop it immediately, on the ground, in the open.  You do not get to hide it under you or in a bush or hole or pass it off.  Your partner can pick it up.  You can of course pass it off BEFORE you are dead or as you are being killed.  Yes, a Hail Mary pass as you are skewered is acceptable. 


  7. Thevex may be rolled up and concealed only in a bag or like carried item.  It CANNOT be concealed in your clothing (I mean really... you want the guards ripping off your pants?)  And I reluctantly guess they can be "used" as outer clothing... for those who witnessed THAT travesty in 2010...


  8. Vexies may be used as prizes in games or shows of strength.  If the warriors wish to Challenge someone then the prize may be a vex (in addition to the obvious bragging expected of the winner.)  If they intend to challenge then they may bring a Vex to the fort, vicus, or village to issue the challenge.


  9. Vexies may be used to assuage offense or to forgive slights and issues to avoid bloodshed (think of them as hostages).


  10. Other rules deemed necessary may be enforced by the event staff with notice to all participants.


  11. On Saturday, NF armed personnel may engage in combat over the standards. 

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