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News and Updates:


Hello All,

We wanted to explain a few things to the new participants but everyone should read this as a refresher. CLASH will be a little different!


NEW ADDRESS TO MAIL REGISTRATION TO!  See the registration page.  Paypal payments now accepted!




1. 2021 is a very light Scenario Year and may run from Wednesday morning to Saturday night!  The legionaries can expect serious immersion in to the life of a soldier.  The background will be the year of four Emporers, the 2019 scenario... so expect some intrique perhaps, but mostly, expect a soldier life and drill!  The events will evolve in a natural way, but will have a scenario pushing certain events.  If told this is for the scenario, then you need to do it the way instructed... it will make sense in the end!


2. Vex Capture will not be part of the event this year!


3.  Gladiatorial Games!!  That is right.  Commanders, bring your best Gladiators! 


4. Military Games:  Will not be a part of the event this year!


5. Rome will be hosting the feast!!  Bring your appetite!


Other Changes:

1. We have 2 showers and 2 johns near the Roman site with power and hot water! PLEASE bring toiletries and towels, an area to hang them will be provided near the showers.


2. Dishpans to wash your dishes in will also be near the showers.


3. The water at the fountain, showers and sinks in the johns, is city water and safe to drink.

4. The Celt area has an outhouse hidden in the trees.

5. No running water at the Celt camp at this time. Two 5 gallon water containers and a wood covered cooler will be available to use for drinking water or what have you. The containers will have to be covered at all times.

6. Modern bedding MUST be covered. We do have some canvas bags that can be filled with grass hay (provided) or you can stuff them with an air mattress or stuff your modern bedding in them, your choice. These bags are limited so if you have one, or something that will work, bring it with you!

7. We are sticklers on modern items being in view. Please do not take offense to this. All we ask is that you keep items out of site so we can all enjoy the reenactment as it is intended.


Now we know most of you are traveling quite a ways to be here SO if you do forget something PLEASE ASK. We do have some items to help you out.

There is also a small store/gas station/restaurant on the highway as you come in, for the emergency beer/smokes/chew/candy bar/pizza etc.


Please review the Clash Child policy (in the main menu bar) if you plan to bring minors!

Have a question? PLEASE PLEASE ASK.



Things you MUST bring:


- FEASTWEAR:  A cup, plate, and Bowl (and a spoon) are necessary unless you want to use your hand for a soup bowl.  We will have some available for low cost on site.  Feastware must be period appropriate.  Wood, Ceramic, Bone or similar natural items shoudl be the norm.  NO DISPOSABLE/PAPER or PLASTIC PLATES, Cups or Spoons.


- WATER VESSEL:  Everyone MUST have a period looking canteen, bota, water bottle, or way to stay hydrated!  We will be moving a lot this year, and you will have to be able to carry water!  This will be an item that MUST be at inspection.  This is a safety issue.


- COOKING GEAR:  We will have 8 new 18"*18" small grills for each contubernium to cook on.  If you have PERIOD cooking gear, bring it.  This is part of our "Authenticity Improvement" plan for 2015.



Things You Must KNOW!

- RANK will be pre-assigned, but everyone should bring a "milites" impression.


- MEALS:  Breakfast will be issued to and cooked by the contubernium.  Lunch will be MARCHING RATIONS.  Dinner will be the only fully prepared meal (friday and saturday... saturday being the "feast").  There may be a crafty freeman selling some food at the Caupona to augment the issue, but meals will be somewhat different than in the past.  All participants will be issued the same rations.  YOU MAY BRING FOOD TO SUPPLEMENT your contuberniums rations.  This is part of our "Authenticity Improvement" plan for 2017.


- MODERNISMS MUST BE HIDDEN:  As in past years, the centurion and command staff will be held responsible for insuring anochronisms remain HIDDEN.  There is an entire page of "How to Hide" stuff.  We recommend minimizing any and all plastic!!  This is for the enjoyment of us all.  Do not take it personal, but if we see you munching Potato Chips from a plastic bag, expect to be called out!


- MODERNISMS MUST BE HIDDEN:  Just making sure you saw that!


- SUNDAY MORNING:  All participants are expected to help with cleanup sunday morning.  No one will be leaving until the site is given the "ALL CLEAR".  Please plan accordingly.


- PHYSICAL FITNESS:  Expect to be MOVING and marching (and fighting) a lot this year.  Break in your caligae early!  Do some walking to prepare.  Soldiers can expect discipline and a hard core experience this year.


- Artillery:  Artillery will be useful this year for training and to avoid celtic/germanic incursions against the fort and Vicus!


- WEAPONS:  All new weapons must be made to the new standard listed on this site.  Older weapons that pass inspection may be grandfathered in for this year.  Wood Shafted weapons will be strenuously inspected and we heartily recommend replacing wood shafts with PEX!  Note:  needlefelt is never required.  Those who chose not to do it will have auxiliary duties and events.



Clash Week Tips:

(this is for those coming early to work, as we do not camp period all week!)

- PREPARE: Prepare to camp for an extended period.  Though we out many nights, breakfast and lunch are quick fixes, and bring munchies!  Or you can stay in a hotel, but where is the fun in that?  Bring towels and toiletries!


- WELLINGTONS: Bring rubber boots or waterproof insulated boots!  Its cold, muddy and wet, and it WILL rain at some point!  Wellingtons (or SH**Kickers) are vital.


- JACKETS: Bring heavy modern waterproof jacket!  And a lightweight one too!


- TOOLS:  Tools!  We have some, but if there is a specific project, bring the tools you need!  Trips to the store take forever, so try to have what you need on arrival or make one trip.


- PAINTING:  Bring an old crappy set of coveralls for painting and mud daubing!


- MODERN CAMP ITEMS: LED Lanterns and lights are awesome for early week stuff.  We do not camp period all week!!


- HOT HANDS:  hot hand warmers for your sleeping bag!


- TRAILERS IN THE FORT: Trailers under 6 feet wide can fit in the fort.  Larger ones cannot!


- PROJECTS:  Got a project you would like to do?  Let us know.  Donated things have to be "Signed" by the group responsible for them!


- It is truly a fun week, but a lot of work!!  You will sleep well, with plenty of comrades!


- Don't Miss CLASHWEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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