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When Civilizations meet, there is inevitably, a Clash of Iron!  This event is an iron age "tactical" and 24 hour Living History "immersion" event that IRPA and Clash of Iron puts on each year. It is fast becoming the iron age event in North America and each year draws more reenactors from each side. There is a Roman fort, Celtic farmstead, and Vicus.  See our photo page for more images!

Clash of Iron, When Civilizations Meet 

Welcome to CLASH! 


Friends, Romans and Countrymen,

Clash of Iron 2021 will be TBA!!!!


The premier iron age immersion event in North America!  Since we have moved far beyond the confines of the invasion of Britain, the staff has elected to change the name to one that is less limiting!  CLASH OF IRON is all about Iron Age Reenacting!  Celts and Romans interacting in interesting and meaningful ways.  From the occassional battle, to day to day interactions among the Roman army and the people it governs, CLASH is a unique immersion into the life of an Iron Age Civilization.

You're looking at this website and wondering just WHAT is Clash of Iron, IRPA and the events that we talk about...  First, IRPA, The Imperial Roman Provisional Army -- The IRPA is a loose organization of Roman Reenactors, Legions, Gladiators, Citizens, Auxila, and Enemies of Rome in the Southeastern United States. Its stated purpose is to facilitate cooperation and growth between its member units. IRPA units Sponsor several events annually including Castra Romana in South Carolina, Memorial Day Timeline in Georgia, and Clash of Iron Encampment in Arkansas.  Join the event discussion on Facebook!

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