* Clash of Iron * Four Emporers * March 25 to 31 2019 * 

* The Ancient Re-enacting Event * Lafe, Arkansas *

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2018 Scenario:

Besieged on the Limes!

Clash of Iron MMXVIIII

The year is 822 (69 C.E.) –Late March in N.E. Gaul. 


In April of the previous year, the Senate declared Nero a public enemy.  Soon afterwards, Galba, (Servius Sulpicius Galba Caesar Augustus) Governor of the province of Spain declared himself as Emperor.  After Nero’s death in June of the same year, Galba appointed one his strongest supporters, Vitellius (Aulus Vitellius Germanicus Augustus) as Governor of Lower Germania.


In January of 69, Galba proclaimed Lucius Calpurnius Piso as his heir, however another of his strong supporters, Otho (Marcus Otho Caesar Augustus, original name Marcus Salvius Otho) Gov. of Lusitania whom had high hopes of being named as Galba’s successor, was not pleased with this, and worked to have his supporters declare him as the Emperor.  This resulted in the death of Galba, and the start of the reign of Otho.


Making things even more complicated, Galba’s old friend, Vitellius now Governor of Lower Germania, was enraged by the actions of Otho, and in the same month (January of 69) had organized a coup and declared himself emperor, capitalizing on the precedent set by Galba that the emperor could be declared outside of Rome.  Enjoying his newly acquired power, Vitellius even stole for himself the sword of Julius Caesar.



This is the setting as Clash of Iron 2019 begins.


Vitellius has begun moving Legions loyal to him towards Rome, for an inevitable confrontation with Otho.


Many of the Legions in the Provinces are challenged with the decision as to whom to support.  The Emperor in Rome (Otho), or the Proclaimed Emperor - Vitellius.  Both of these men have garnered allegiance from many Legionnaires over the years, as they had gained their trust while either as a Legate, or as a Governor over the provinces in which the Legions served.


The Friendly tribes that were loyal to Rome are now sensing the unrest, and are weary of the current political climate.

Centurio Justus Rustius Longinus

Optio Sextus Tiro

Tesserarius Decimus Lucanus

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