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These works are recommended reading for Legio VI members.


- Adrian Goldsworthy. In the Name of Rome: The Men who Won the Roman Empire. (2004).

- Adrian Goldsworthy. Pax Romana: War, Peace, and Conquest in the Roman World. (2016).

- Adrian Goldsworthy. The Complete Roman Army. 2nd Ed. (2011).

- Adrian Goldsworthy. The Roman Army at War: 100 BC-AD 200. (1998).

- Benjamin Isaac. The Limits of Empire: The Roman Army in the East. (1993).

- Brian Campbell. The Roman Army, 31 BC - AD 337: A Sourcebook. (1994).

- Christopher Fuhrmann. Policing the Roman Empire: Soldiers, Administration, and Public Order. (2014).

- C.R. Whittaker. Frontiers of the Roman Empire: A Social and Economic Study. (1997).


- Daniel Peterson. The Roman Legions: Recreated in Color Photographs. (1999).

- David Sim & Isabel Ridge. Iron for the Eagles: The Iron Industry of Roman Britain. 2nd Ed. (2011). 

- David Sim & J. Kaminski. Roman Imperial Armor. (2012).

- Ewart Oakeshott. The Archaeology of Weapons: Arms and Armour from Prehistory to the Age of Chivalry. (1960).

- Flemming Alrune & Wulf Hein. The Bow Builder's Book: European Bow Building from the Stone Age to Today. (2012).

- Graham Sumner. Roman Military Dress. (2009).

- Graham Webster. The Roman Imperial Army. 3rd ed. (1998).

- Gregory Aldrete. Daily Life in the Roman City: Rome, Pompeii, and Ostia. (2009).

- Hilary & John Travis. Roman Body Armour. (2012).

- Hilary & John Travis. Roman Helmets. (2016).

- Hilary & John Travis. Roman Shields. (2014).

- Ian Haynes. Blood of the Provinces: The Roman Auxilia and the Making of Provincial Society from Augustus to the Severans. (2013).

- J.E. Lendon. Soldiers and Ghosts: A History of Battle in Classical Antiquity. (2006).

- Jonathan Roth. The Logistics of the Roman Army at War (264 B.C. - A.D. 235). (1999).

- Joseph Solodow. Latin Alive: The Survival of Latin in the English and Romance Languages. (2010).

- Kaveh Farrokh. Shadows in the Desert: Ancient Persia at War. (2007).

- Lawrence Keppie. The Making of the Roman Army: From Republic to Empire. (1998).

- Leslie and Roy Adkins. Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome. (1998).

- Marie Louise Nosche & Henriette Koefoed. Wearing the Cloak: Dressing the Soldier in Roman Times. (2012).

- Mary Beard. Pompeii: The Life of a Roman Town. (2010).

- Mary Beard. SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome. (2016).

- M.C. Bishop. Handbook to Roman Legionary Fortresses. (2013).


- M.C. Bishop & J.C.N. Coulston. Roman Military Equipment: From the Punic Wars to the Fall of Rome. 2nd ed. (2006).

- M.C. Bishop & Peter Dennis. The Gladius: The Roman Short Sword. (2016).

- M.C. Bishop & Peter Dennis. The Pilum: The Roman Heavy Javelin. (2017).

- Patricia Southern. The Roman Army: A History (753BC-AD476). (2014).

- Patricia Southern. The Roman Army: A Social and Institutional History. (2007).

- Patrick Faas & Shaun Whiteside. Around the Roman Table: Food and Feasting in Ancient Rome. (2005).

- Paul Erdkamp. A Companion to the Roman Army. (2010).

- Robert Knaap. Invisible Romans. (2014).

- Simon James. Rome and the Sword: How Warriors & Weapons Shaped Roman History. (2011).

- Susanna Shadrake, The World of the Gladiator. (2005)

- Timothy Dawson. Armour Never Wearies: Scale and Lamellar Armour in the West, from the Bronze Age to the 19th Century. (2013).

- Vesta Curtis & Sarah Stewart. Age of the Parthians. (2010).

- Yahn Le Bohec. The Encyclopedia of the Roman Army. 3 Volumes (2015).

These are primary sources that we highly recommend. Feel free to contact us if you're looking for a good translation or one with commentary!

- Aeneas Tacitus. Siege Defense.

- Appian. Roman History.


- Cassius Dio. Roman History.

- Frontinus. Strategemata.

- Julius Caesar. Wars.

- Pliny the Elder. Natural History.

- Plutarch. Lives.

- Polybius. Histories.

- Strabo. Geography.

- Tacitus. Histories and Annals.

- Vitruvius. On Architecture.


- George Dennis. Maurice's Strategikon: Handbook of Byzantine Military Strategy. (1984).

The Strategikon is a late Roman military manual that provides much of what we know about Roman formations, drill, tactics, and strategy. A lot of it goes back to the Principate but it takes training to know what is accurate to our time period.

- Christopher Grocock & Sally Grainger. Apicius: A Critical Edition with an Introduction and an English Translation. (2006).

Apicius is a Roman author who wrote a cookbook with Roman recipes. Most translations include a guide on how to make them in the modern day as well.


- N.P. Milner. Vegetius: Epitome of Military Science. (1986).

Vegetius is a late Roman author who wrote a work on the "ideal legion," mixing Principate and late Roman elements. A useful work, but takes training to know what is and isn't accurate.

Osprey Books: These are good, short, informational books usually with great illustrations and images of original finds. Not always 100% accurate, however.

- David Nicolle & Angus McBride. Rome's Enemies (5): The Desert Frontier. (1991).

- Duncan Campbell & Adam Hook. Siege Warfare in the Roman World: 146 BC–AD 378. (2005).

- Duncan Campbell & Brian Delf. Greek and Roman Artillery 399 BC–AD 363. (2003).

- Duncan Campbell & Brian Delf. Greek and Roman Siege Machinery 399 BC–AD 363. (2003).

- Duncan Campbell & Brian Delf. Roman Auxiliary Forts 27 BC–AD 378. (2009).

- Duncan Campbell & Brian Delf. Roman Legionary Fortresses 27 BC–AD 378. (2006).


- Duncan Campbell & Sean O'Brogan. Mons Graupius AD 83: Rome’s Battle at the Edge of the World. (2010).


- Graham Sumner. Roman Military Clothing (1): 100 BC-AD 200. (2002).

- Lindsay Powell. The Bar Kokhba War AD 132–135: The Last Jewish Revolt against Imperial Rome. (2017).

- Lindsay Powell & Peter Dennis. Roman Soldier vs Germanic Warrior: 1st Century AD. (2014).

- Michael McNally. Teutoburg Forest AD 9: The Destruction of Varus and his Legions. (2011).

- Michael Simkins & Ron Embleton. Roman Army from Caesar to Trajan. (1984).

- Nic Fields. Boudicca’s Rebellion AD 60–61: The Britons Rise up against Rome. (2011).

- Nic Fields. The Roman Army of the Principate 27 BC–AD 117. (2009).

- Nic Fields & Adam Hook. Roman Auxiliary Cavalryman: AD 14–193. (2006).

- Peter Wilcox & Angus McBride. Rome's Enemies (3): Parthians & Sassanid Persians. (1986).

- Raffaele D'Amato & Giuseppe Rava. Roman Centurions 31 BC-AD 500: The Classical and Late Empire. (2012).

- Raffaele D'Amato & Peter Dennis. Roman Standards & Standard-Bearers (1): 112 BC–AD 192. (2018).

- Raffaele D'Amato & Raffaele Ruggeri. Roman Army Units in the Western Provinces (1): 31 BC-AD 195. (2016).

- Raffaele D'Amato & Raffaele Ruggeri. Roman Army Units in the Eastern Provinces (1): 31 BC-AD 195. (2017).

- Ross Cowan. Roman Battle Tactics 109BC–AD313. (2007).

- Ross Cowan. Roman Guardsman: 62 BC–AD 324. (2014).

- Ross Cowan. Roman Legionary: AD 69-161. (2013).


- Ross Cowan and Angus Mcbride. Roman Legionary: 58 BC-AD 69. (2003).

- Si Sheppard & Peter Dennis. The Jewish Revolt AD 66–74. (2013).

- Si Shepard & Johnny Shumate. Roman Soldier vs. Parthian Warrior: Carrhae to Nisibis. (2020).

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