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Drill Commands


Below is a brief list of the majority of commands from the Tactica.  The complete Tactica with full descriptions and images, as well as the Movement to Contact and Bugle Call appendices are available at  Please register there to get the complete manual or contact a member of the staff if you have any problems.


Reverte!  (Reh WayR Tay!) As you were! or, Revert to Original Position


State! (STah Tay!) Stand Fast! (or Rest in Place)


Silentium!   (silence) Mandata Captate! (See LeN Tih uM!  MahN Dah Tah  /  Kap Tah Tay!) Silence! Attention to Orders.


Captate! (Kap Tah Tay!) Attention! 


Arma ,  Portate! (AR MaH  /  PoR Tah Tay!) Carry Arms!


Arma , Demittite! (AR Mah / Deh MiT Tih Tay!) Order Arms!


Signum Demittite!  (SeeG Num / Deh MiT Tih Tay!) Leave the Standard!


Ad Contum,  Clina! (Ahd / KahN TooM / Klee Nah Tay!)  To the Spear, Face!


Redi!  (Ray Dee!) Return! 


Ad  Scutum ,  Clina!  (Ahd / Skoo Tum  /  Klee Nah Tay!) To the Shield, Face!


Transforma!  (Trans For Mah! ) About Face!


Oblique Ad Contum [Scutum]  ,  Clina! (o Blee Kway / ahD / KahN TuM [Skoo TuM] / Klee Nah Tay!) Right [Left] Oblique, Face!


Move Ad Scutum! (Moe way / ahD /  Skoo Tum! ) Move Toward the Shield!


Move Ad Contum!  (Moe way / ahD /  KoN TooM!) Move Toward the Spear!


Cede!  (Kay Day!) Give Way!


Ad Duo.  Exi! (ahD / Dew oh , eKS ee!) To Two Ranks, File Out!


Ad Quattuor. Intra! (ahD / Kwat Too oRR. eeN TRaH!) To Four Ranks. File In!


Ad Octo. Intra! (ahD / oK Toh. eeN TRaH!) To Eight Ranks. File In!


Ad Quattuor. Exi! (ahD / Kwat Too oRR. eKS ee!) To Four Ranks. File Out!


Ad Arma! (Ahd / AR MaH!) Ad Signum! (ahD / SeeG Num)To Arms! To the Standard!


Dirige Frontem! (Dee Ree Gay / FRoNT eM!) Dress the Front!


Arma , Demittite! (AR Mah / Day MiT Teh Tay!) Order Arms!


Ad Quattuor. Ad Signum! (ahD / KwaT Too oR. ahD / SeeG Num) To Four. To the Standard!


Arma , Demittite! (AR Mah / Deh MiT Teh Tay!) Order Arms!


Dirige Frontem! (Dee Ree Gay / FRoNT eM!) Dress the Front!


iunge! (YooN Gay!) Close Up!


Largi! (LahR Gee!) Open Up!


Ad Latus , Stringe! (ahD / Lah Tus ,  STRiNG Gay!) By Flank, Draw In! 


Largi ad Ambas Partes! (LahR Gee ahD / AM BahS / PaR TayS!) Open Up to Both Sides!


Arma, Portate! Carry Arms


Ad Contum [Scutum],  Clina! To the Spear [Shield], Face!


Signum ad Frontem! Standard to the Front!


Movete! (Moe way Tay!) March!


Gradum ,  Servate!  (GrahD uM , SeR wah Tay!)  Keep the [Miliary] Step!


Plenum Gradum ,  Servate! (PLeN um / GRah Doom, SeR wah Tay!)  Keep the Full Step!


State! (STah Tay!) Halt.


Celerate! (KeLL eR ah Tay!) Speed up!


Tardate!  (Tar Dah Tay!) Slow Down! 


Ordinem ,  Servate! (oRR Dih NeM, SeR wah Tay!) Maintain Formation! 


Signum , Sequute!  (SeeG NuM ,  Seh Qoo Tay!) Follow the Standard! 


Transforma!  Movete! (TRahNS FoR Mah Tay! Moe way Tay!) About Face. March!


Ad Contum [Scutum] Clina.  Move! (ahD / KoN TuM [Skoo TuM] / KLeeN ah.  Moe way!) To the Spear [Shield] Face. Move!


State! Redi!  (STah Tay! Ray Dee!) Halt! Return!


Ad Contum Oblique [Scutum] Clina ,  Movete!   (ahD / KoN TuM [Skoo Tum] / KLeeN ah, Moe way Tay!) Obliquely to the Spear [Shield], March!


Ad Contum [Scutum] , Deponete!  (ahd KoN Tum [Skoo TuM] , Deh PoNe eh Tay!) To the Spear [Shield], Change Front! (by ranks)


Movete!  March!


Dirige, Frontem!  Dress the Front!


Ad Contum [Scutum], Clina!  Move! To the Spear (Shield), Face!  Move!


State!  Redi!  Halt. Return!


Transmutate!  (TRanS Moo Tah Tay!) Countermarch by Files! 


Ad Signum. Deponete!   To the Standard. Change Front by Files! 


iunge!  Close Order!


Largi! (LahR Gee!) Open Order!


Ad Latus , Stringe! By Flank, Draw In!


Largi ad Ambas Partes! Open Up to Both Sides!


Ad Contum [Scutum], iunge! To the Right [Left] Flank, Close Order!


Ad Scutum [Contum], Largi! To the Left [Right] Flank, Open Order!


Ad Contum [Scutum] Clina, Movete! Toward the Spear (Shield) March!


Reverte! Return!


Dirige Frontem! Dress the Front!


Ad Contum [Scutum], Deponete! To the Spear [Shield], Change Front by Files!, or Flank Turn! 


Move ad Contum Incline to the Right (by formation)


Move ad Scutum Incline to the Left (by formation)


Ad Contum Depone. Movete!  To the Spear, Change Front! (by formation) March!


Undique , Servate! (ooN Dee Kwa / SeR Wah Tay!) To All Sides, Guard!


Ad Testudinem!   (ahD / Tes  Too  Dih  NeM) To the Testudo!


Tela! (Tay Lah!) Incoming Missiles!


Pila  ,  Parati! (Pee Lah / PahR ah Tee)  Prepare Pila!\


Pila Mittite (return pila)


Pila Iacite (Throw Pila)


Primus! Secundus! Tertius! Quartus!   First Rank! Second Rank! Third Rank! Fourth Rank! (to throw by ranks)


Vos Servate!  Guard (raise Scutum to Battle Position)


Gladium Stringate Draw Sword


Gladium Recondite Sheath Sword!


Percute! (pehR Kew Tay!) Charge!


Sta/State Stop

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