Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Dragon*Con 2020

Registration Desk

165 Courtland St.

Atlanta, GA 30303

September 3rd-7th, 2020

Palmetto Knights Host

**Show Up and Dress Up**


Summerville Italian Festival

100 S. Main St.

Summerville, SC 29483

October 18th, 2020

Legio VI Host

**Show Up and Dress Up**


SCA: War of the Wings

Elchenburg Castle

2239 Center Rd.

Booneville, NC 27011

October 13th-18th, 2020

SCA Hosted Event



Days of Knights

Charles Alley Nature Park

2805 Old Logan Rd. SE

Lancaster, OH 43130

October 24th-25th, 2019

Legio XIIII Host



​​Latta Celtic Festival

Latta Plantation

5225 Sample Rd.

Huntersville, NC 28078

March 13th-14th, 2021

Legio VI Host



Clash of Iron 2021

Fort Lafe

Lafe, Arkansas 72436

Late March, 2021

Legio VI Host



Georgia Junior Classical League

Rock Eagle 4-H Center

450 Rock Eagle Rd.

Eatonton, GA 31024

April 16th-18th, 2021

Legio XI Host



Explorations in Antiquity

Biblical History Center

130 Gordon Commercial Dr.

LaGrange, Georgia 30240

April 30th-May 2nd, 2021

Legio XI Host

**Show Up and Dress Up**


Muster on the Maumee

Fort Meigs

29100 West River Rd.

Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

June 18th-20th, 2021

Legio XIIII Host



Legion Events
  • Show Up and Dress Up: In this event Legion member show up and dress out in kit, and we often bring tables and other items for displays. In this event we primarily focus on education rather than more active diplays like drill.

  • Mini-Castra: Mini-Castra is where we bring 2-3 tents, some of our small displays, and often the Legion artillery. At Mini-Castra we will usually have enough space to perform drill, or sometimes set up larger displays like the Tripastos.

  • Castra: Castra, or Castra Romana, is our largest event where we bring out everything for display. We perform drill, have a Gladiator arena set up with mock combat, fire the artillery, have all our tents out, and a big feast too! We often have presentations and perform dramas as well, and usually the event is themed each year (E.g. Caesar's Campaigns, Remembering Pompeii, etc.)

  • Campaign: Campaign events are ones where our Legion immerses itself in recreations of ancient Roman or related settings. These events are not usually open to the public.

  • Fabrica: A day for our members to make/modify our gear and maintain Legion equipment.

  • SOTW: The Legion store will be there.