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Legio VI Ferrata Fidelis Constans

Over 2000 years ago, the original Legio VI was created in Cisapline Gaul and placed under the command of Gaius Julius Caesar. The legion went on to serve in Roman Gaul, Spain, Anatolia, North Africa, Syria, and the Levant. Legio VI Ferrata was re-founded in 2001 by Rusty Myers, or Primus Pilus Justus Rustius Longinus of the Legion. Originally our group began as a spin-off of a church performance, which after a little research we was discovered that Roman reenactment was a real hobby. Our group has changed and evolved over time, growing in size, recreating more equipment, and becoming more accurate in our impressions and education.


The modern Legio VI recreates the legion as it would have appeared from the crucifixion of Christ in c. 29 AD until the end of the Jewish revolt in 73 AD, during which time Legio VI was stationed nearby in Syria. Our members portray the basic infantrymen, cavalrymen, auxiliaries, and officers of Legio VI Ferrata, and we also do civilian and gladiatorial impressions as well. Our Legion also welcomes impressions from other eras during its existence such as the late Republic, 2nd Century, and 3rd Centuries AD, and we also have affiliated groups for other areas such as Gladiatorial displays, late Roman Reenactment, and Germanic or Celtic tribes as well.


Our purpose is to inform, educate, and entertain not just each other, but the public in general. We love our hobby and we want the world to share in our knowledge and fun! We accomplish this by participating in Greek and Italian festivals, SCA faires, renaissance faires, classroom demonstrations, church productions, and living history displays all across the southeastern U.S.


If you have questions or would like to schedule us for your event, see the "Contact Us" page above.

Legio VI's Cohorts
  • Cohors I Flava - Centurio Joshua Davis and operating in upstate South Carolina.

  • Cohors II - Centurio James Franklin, operating in Oregon and Washington State.

  • Cohors III - Centurio Johnn Costello, operating in Palm Beach and Miami, Florida.

  • Cohors X - Operating in Nevada.

Affiliated Units
  • Legio XI Claudia - Our sister Legion, under Centurio Edge Gibbons, operating in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.

  • Placidi Valentiniani Felices - Our late Roman detachment, under Magister Militum Evan Schultheis and operating in the Carolinas and Georgia.

  • Ludus Militis Gladiatorial School - Our gladiator detachment, led by instructor Martin Kealey, operating in the Carolinas and Georgia.

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