(May Vary)



1700 Finish loadout



0800 Arrive Givhans, Set up 

1200 Lunch Break 

1800 Dinner Break 



0800 Setup Continues 


1200 Lunch Break

1400 Complete Setup 

1500 Drill Review (in soft kit) 

1900 Dinner Break


2000 Camp Drums



0600 First Call, Breakfast 

0730 First formation (in lite kit) 

0830 Roman Inspection and Drill 

0900 Camp Opens: Drill Demo 

All Day Events:


  • Cavalry, Medical, and Engineering Displays

  • Roman Technology

  • Pila Toss

  • Celtic Display

  • Ladies' Culture Display

  • Glassmaking and Art Display

  • SCA Demos in the SCA Pavilion and Arena

  • SC State Museum Booth 

0930 Artillery Demo 

1000 Gladiatorial Games: Criminal Executions 

1030 Drill and "Kids Cohort" 

1030 SCA Combat Demo (Arena)

1145 Drill and "Adults Cohort"

1200 Lunch Break 

1230 Gladiatorial Games (Arena)

1330 SCA Demo (Arena)

1400 Drill Demo 

1430 Artillery Demo 


1530 Final Formation and Participant Parade (Roman/SCA/Etc)

1600 Closed to the public 

1630 Early tear down (in soft kit) 

1900 Centurios Convivia (in soft kit)



0700 Breakfast 

0800 Pack up Camp 

1100 Second Breakfast (In true Hobbit Fashion!) and Goodbyes



0800 Next years Castra Planning begins 

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