Rules for the Public



$2 park entry - $5 donation to Castra Romana (it is voluntary, and a $15 per family maximum will ease Caesar's concerns for your ability to attend with large families!)


In accordance with the SC State Parks Historic Weapons Use Policy, we must ask you to please observe the following rules during your visit.

1.  Members of the public are not allowed to handle weapons.  This applies to axes, spears, needle-felted gladiator weapons, and other tools, as well.  Many of our weapons are sharp.  In addition, if you purchase a weapon from our vendor, they will be zip tied so they must stay in the scabbard. 

2. Members of the public are not allowed in the arena at any time, nor are they allowed to play with fake weapons in the arena.  The arena is off-limits!

3. Members of the public may not fire the Ballista, participate in archery, or throw spears.  We do have a non-functional Ballista and a couple of helms that you MAY touch and take photos pretending to fire.

4. Do not cross any physical barrier ropes!  These are placed for your safety. 

5. During weapons demos, a safety officer will announce the demonstrations start and finish.

6. Givhans Ferry is a wilderness environment.  Be wary of ants, ticks, snakes, holes, stumps, vines and other wildlife and growth!

7. PLEASE do not handle or touch equipment without asking!  Many of our reconstructions represent countless hours of work, research, and a significant investment.  Please be aware of the little hands of your children.

8. Attendees are all responsible for abiding by and enforcing these rules.

Thanks in advance for helping us insure these rules are followed!  We love coming to Givhans, and these rules are the ones we must obey to come back!!!!!