Rules for Re-Enactors



$2 park entry - $5 donation to Castra Romana - $10 Centurio's Convivium


I.  Members of the public are not allowed  to handle weapons.  This applies to axes and other tools, as well.  Be very cautious when handling weapons with spectators (and us) nearby.  NEW:  In accordance with SC State Parks Historic Weapons Policy:  A designated safety officer (who is NOT the presenter) will observe all weapon related interactions to avoid any problems or potential safety issues.  If a safety issue is observed, the modern command "Cease Fire" will be used.  On the command "CEASE FIRE" all activity will cease until the safety issue is handled.

II.  Weapons should not be left unattended at ANY time. The Guard must be wary of the location of all weapons (Pila will be on the color line, swords and daggers are the primary concern here).  Pila planted in the ground MUST be Upright (not at an angle), on the color line, and must have a shield against them.  This should make them readily visible to all.  NEW: In accordance with SC State Parks Historic Weapons Policy:  Members of the public are not allowed to throw pila/spears/or operate the ballista.

III.  Missile weapons may only be thrown or shot on the demonstration field, away from the audience, after making certain that no one is downrange, posting range guards, physical rope barrier, and in the presence of a designated safety officer. 

IV.  There are groundhogs, deer, mountain lions, and foxes on the grounds, but please don't hunt them.  Pets are allowed, but please notify the commander is you intend to bring any type of animal.  Pets must be on a leash at all times.

V.  All other relevant federal, state, and local laws and regulations must be adhered to.

VI.  NEW: In accordance with SC State Parks Historic Weapons Policy:  Edged weapons may ONLY be drawn as part of a demonstration in the presence of a designated safety officer.

VII.  NEW: In accordance with SC State Parks Historic Weapons Policy: Absolutely no real weapon force on force fighting.

VIII.  NEW: In accordance with SC State Parks Historic Weapons Policy: Members of the public ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE ARENA at any time, nor are they allowed to play with the mock weapons used by gladiators.  Gladiators are not allowed to use any real weapon in the arena.

All participants (re-enactors) must sign a waiver on arrival at the guard table.  The waiver book will stay there throughout the event.  The Tesserarius will be responsible for insuring the waivers are signed and collect donatives and feast monies.  In addition there is a separate waiver for minors under 18 that requires a guardian's signature.

Parking is adjacent to the site and will be marked off for participants. The parking area is about 100 yards from the primitive camp site.  You may drive SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY to the tent to download unless the field is wet!

Modern tents may be pitched in the primitive areas farthest fire ring (out of sight from Castra Romana) or you may rent a camp space in the modern camping area (about 200 yards from event location.)  

Please do NOT dig any firepits!!  Braziers will be provided and there are numerous permanent fire pits nearby.  Unused firewood should be returned to the pile. 

Expect heat, sun, bugs, and afternoon thunderstorms.  Wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and have fun!  It is November, but her in SC we still have a lot of heat!