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 We are honored to have so many homeschoolers interested in attending Castra Romana!  This page will hopefully answer some of your questions as we draw closer to the event.  If you have a question you cannot find the answer to, email us at and we will answer it and add it to this page.


Best Time to attend:  Saturday, about 10 AM to 4 PM.  This will allow you to see the most variety and active times of both the encampment and craftsmen activities.  Other days we will not have a public schedule, we will be doing "whatever".  Saturday is designed for the public.  We have less repetitive events this year, so you may want to plan to stay from 10-4.  PLEASE DO NOT PLAN TO COME ON FRIDAY OR SUNDAY AND EXPECT TO SEE ANYTHING.  We considered a friday format, but due to fieldtrip cancellations we will NOT have any public activites on FRIDAY.


Yahoo Group:  Join for updates and info on the event!


Registration Packages:  Homeschoolers do not need to complete a registration package, we have them for schools so we can plan bus parking if necessary.  Participants are the actual re-enactors (the people doing the living history), attendees and guests are you!  Since the website is for both, it can be a bit confusing, sorry!!


Cost of the event:  There is a $2 per person fee to get into the park.  We suggest a $3 to $5 donation per person to help offset the costs of the event. Donations will go directly to pay for the cost of Castra Romana's park fees and insurance.  You can also Paypal your donation at by sending funds to and specifying that it is for Castra Romana.  We have never made money on Castra, but it wold be great to break even...  See the Guard at camp to pay Your TAX!!


Participants:  We currently have about 38 Soldiers, 5 Gladiators, 12 Civilians, 4 children, and 5 Barbarians signed up.  More are expected as we close on the event.  We do have extra armor.  If you are over 17 or over 15 with a parent willing to camp, and would like to see what it is like to spend a weekend being a Roman Soldier, contact us for details.  Call early!


Joining:  We are always looking for like-minded memebrs who may be interested in joining us in our journey through history.  Just email us for more information.  We would love to have more soldiers, civilians, and children!  There is a place for you, and our envireoment is very Family friendly!


Vendors:  We will have a few vendors at the event, but they will be showing their wares and doing demos and not just selling stuff.  Most of these vendors make their crafts by hand, so ther will not be any cheap "junk" at the event.  Each of these vendors is aware that our primary focus is education and fun, not sales.  If you would like to showcase your ancient hobby, craft, or passion, please contact us to get display space!  There is no charge to show off your stuff!!


Dressing out:  We would be happy to have you and your homeschooler dress Roman style for the event!  This can be done relatively economically.  An excellent guide can be found on Legio XX's website.  This is a re-enactor site, and shows more of the "perfect" cloth and such.  Obviously for a one day event, a simple cotton or cotton blend cloth would be fine.  There are also patterns online that a simple search will help you find. Also remember to check out our Romans in Training Program!


Participation by Attendees (you):  Attendees can participate by just showing up to enjoy the event, asking questions, and listen to lectures.  You are also invited to dress out Roman Style to add to the atmosphere of the event.  You will be able to observe the soldiers at drill, the gladiator games, the military games, the craftsmen creating and discussing their crafts, and the lectures and displays on civilian life.  Younger children are invited to participate in the Kid's Cohort, and we have added a pay ceremony for them this year, so they will recieve money for their service to Rome!Have an idea for participation you would like to suggest?  Contact us


Also, see this new stuff:


What to Bring:  We will have some small Roman treats for sale, you may plan to bring a lunch if you are staying that long (a picnic area is available or just bring a blanket).  You may also wish to bring a blanket or ground cloth to sit on at lectures and discussions, especially if it is wet.  There are campsites available at Givhans if you wish to stay the weekend, but please let us know if you intend to stay the entire time.  Bug repellant is a good idea, and sunscreen (do not forget your feet if dressing roman... top of foot sandal burn is a rude surprise!.  And of course you should dress appropriately.  Roman clothing consisted of lots of fabric, so you can use it to stay warm or take it off to get cool.


Family Oriented:  The entire event is child appropriate, we will not be examining the darker side of Rome beyond the Gladiatorial exhibitions and lectures.  The discussions on civilian life are likewise designed for a child audience.  Legio VI always endeavors to maintain a family friendly envireoment at all our events including the language we use and the actions we take.


Got a question you would like answered here?  A suggestion for participant or attendees?  Would you like to become a participant with some uniquely Roman skill or craft? 


Email us at today! 

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