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After celebrating 16 years of Castra with the legionnaires, gladiators, and civilians of LEGIO VI FFC we are no longer planning to sponsor and have the event.  Thank you to all our supporters, attendees, and the homeschoolers who grew up with us!

Visit the legion site: and join us at other events celebrating the glory that was ROME!

Contact us early to join the ranks!  We have loaner gear available if you wish to join the army for the day or week!


The Theme for Castra 2017 is AEGYPTVS!  (Egypt's influence on Rome).  

Reenactors will be bringing unique pieces of Romano-Egyptian culture, technology, and society to display the Roman obsession with Egypt!  Reenactors, we are asking everyone to bring two pieces of that help show how the Romans across the entirety of the Empire loved Egypt!  You may bring more, but all those who bring two contributions will have their fees waived.  Also, a short write-up that we can use to display your piece of Romano-Egyptian culture.  Join us for a unique year in Castra History!


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