Givhans Ferry State Park


By land or by water, Givhans Ferry State Park has been a favored destination since the Civilian Conservation Corps built it among the limestone bluffs along the Edisto River in the 1930s.

The Edisto is the longest free-flowing backwater river on the continent, and Givhans Ferry State Park is on the 56-mile stretch known as the Edisto River Canoe and Kayak Trail. Its at the end of a popular 21-mile paddle from Colleton State Park upstream. 

Overland travelers used a ferry at the site to go to and from Charleston and the inland in the areas early days, while the 988-acre park with its cabins, camping, fishing, scenic beauty and diverse wildlife attracts local residents and visitors from far afield year round to this day.

The parks riverbanks are protected as a Heritage Trust site because of several species of rare plants that live there. The park also is in the National Heritage corridor that extends more than 240 miles through the state.


Office Hours: 11a.-noon & 4pm-5pm

Admissions: $2 per person 

Hours 9am-6pm


Contact Information
746 Givhans Ferry RD
Ridgeville,SC 29472 
Phone: (843) 873-0692