Come be a Roman!


Do you want to be a Roman Legionnaire?

Do you want to be a Roman Citizen?

We have a limited number of sets of additional armour we maintain for new recruits.  If you are interested in being a Roman Soldier at Castra Romana.  Please contact us!  You will be expected to play the part of a miles gregarius (foot soldier) within your physical limitation.  We will dress you out, train you up, feed you, house you, provide all the equipment you need. If you are 15 (with a parent present, we can outfit them too!), or 18+ email the Primus for the forms, rules, and additional information!  We do of course reserve the right to be selective, but if you are interested, we'd love the chance to teach you about our hobby.  If you would like to try our "Romans In Training" program at another event, please feel free to contact us.


We encourage all of our participants to add to the Castra Romana experience by dressing Roman for the day!! Here is a link that will help you create your Roman outfit.  You can come dressed has a high ranking Roman official, a slave, a beautiful Roman lady from a wealthy respected family, or just a simple Roman citizen.  If Roman is not your thing you can even come dressed as a fearsome barbarian!

Roman Drill Files:

Roman Drill Audio:

Ludus Militis School of the Soldier - Leg VI Centurio Longinus
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Tractus Ut Contactus - Leg VI Centurio Longinus
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Ludus Militis Bugle Calls - Leg VI Cornicen
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Tactica Command List - Leg VI Centurio Longinus
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