The Beast! A period reconstructed Roman Catapulta that can shoot over 600 feet! Listen to her growl as we winch it back. An incredible period reconstruction by Leg VI Engineer Kent Nilsson.


Lupila: A new period scorpio! More artillery than ever before: constructed by Kent Nilsson, Lupila is a Scorpio from the 1st Century AD to complement "The Beast" from Caesar's era. We will have a live firing range where we will be demonstrating the capabilities of both machines!

NEW:  The Local SCA Barony "Hidden Mountain" will be joining us, showing medieval costume and even participating in the arena.


The Tripastos: Like the American army, the Roman army built far more than it destroyed. The Trispastos is an example of a Roman crane of the type that would have been used to build the great aquaducts and buildings of Rome.


The Medicus: a Roman army "Medic" will display the tools of his trade and talk about the surprisingly modern Roman Medicine and treating battlefield wounds in the first century.


Gladiator Display: Martin Keeley presents the Gladiators in his art and words! Be sure to visit the gorgeous diplay by the arena for more information on the Gladiators.


EXPANDED! Late Roman: To extend our display of Roman military, we welcome the Placidi Valentiniani Felices Late Roman Re-enactment group! Displaying Late Roman infantry, tactics, and armaments!


Celtic Tribe: We welcome our fledgling Barbarian group to Castra Romana! Every army needs and enemy! Check out the Barbarian camp.


Engineering Display: See the tools of the Roman Engineer including a model archway! Recontructed Groma, hand made tools, maps, and much more!


Authentic Leather Tent: See the hand made goat leather tent reconstructed to be as authentic as possible!


Civilian Life: Learn about Roman life: how they lived, what they ate, what games they played, and don't forget to about the sponge on a stick.


Military Drills: Using the drill manual Commands, Centurio Justus and Optio Marcus will drill the soldiers of the legion in true Roman Style.


Popina Magnifico: Legio VIs (ok... really she is from Leg XI) own gourmet chef will have treats throughout the day for participants to try out, including her now famous Roman Sausage dogs!!  Dine in the Convivium Shelter!!


Centurios Convivium: A grand Roman Feast will be held for the first re-enactor participants. All foods and place settings will be in proper Roman Style this promises to be a most excellent time for all our re-enactors... the food alone is worth the trip! Willing to dress out? Ask about reserving a seat at the feast if you plan to attend and stay late! Cost is $20 for citizens (folks who are not active re-enactors, but want to give it a try (kids under 12 $5)). Cost is $10 for reenactors who participated.


NEW: Convivium Dining: All are invited to sit in the decorated shelter and enjoy their own feasts in the enviroment we will be using that evening for the convivium!


Kids Cohort: Run throughout the day Saturday by several of Legio VI's young (and therefore overly energetic) Soldiers, children under 14 will be issued a shield and (plastic) sword and trained in the basics of Roman Soldiering! One year over 95 kids got to participate!! What a great way to learn about the armies of Rome.


NEW: Big Boy Cohort: Are you jealous that your kids get to be Roman soldiers? Well you can be one too! We give you a helmet, shield, and train you how to be a Roman Soldier!


Soul of the Warrior: Arms and Armor display by Soul of the Warrior featuring the latest in available reenactment products, as well as period jewelry, pottery, miniatures and toys for the kids. Items will be available for purchase. Help support the Legion!

Claybaby Pottery: Robin White will be on-site selling a variety of handmade authentic Roman pottery, as well as pottery from other eras as well.


Ludus Gladiatore: Gladiator exhibitions and lectures. Ludus Gladiatore will be in attendance. This is one of our most popular exhibits! Meet at the large ARENA (you cannot miss it) to see the Editor start the Show! See the art of Gladiator Martin!


SC State Parks: Check out some of the SC State Parks merchandise at the SOTW booth. Support Givhans and the SC State Parks!


Confession of Justus: A Christian Drama ministry written and performed by the men of Legio VI. We can come to YOUR church and "kick in the doors" to spread our unique Gospel message!